Letter received from Chief Constable July 2017

Staffordshire NARPO has received a letter from the Chief Constable, Gareth Morgan, dated 7/7/2017, a copy is attached and viewable from the link below. This letter is a response to several communications made on behalf of our members to Staffordshire Police since news of the decision in Avon and Somerset to abandon its reviews and our Branch meeting on 17 June 2017.

The Chief Constable is very clearly aware of the feelings of IOD members, as he has been fully briefed and viewed the various submissions that have been made to the Force from Local NARPO, National NARPO and IOD NARPO members that have written to the Force.

The Branch Chairman and Branch Secretary have arranged to meet with him on 25/8/2017 and will be reinforcing all the arguments.

Our IOD members should also write to the Force expressing their concerns and dismay.

Staffordshire NARPO has received requests, via social media posts, proposing a meeting with the Injury on Duty Pensioners Association (IODPA). The Branch does not see the necessity of having a meeting with IODPA as all the facts are already known.

The Branch suggests, if IOD NARPO members are not satisfied with what the local NARPO Branch are doing and have been doing, then they should make contact themselves with the IODPA Website/ email address.

In the social media Facebook Group for Narpo_members have been published comments that Staffordshire NARPO have not been honest and transparent with members. This is not correct, we have sent emails out and made posts on the Staffordshire NARPO Website telling people what we have been doing.

Staffordshire NARPO Branch Committee

Letter from Chief Constable Gareth Morgan

The Branch Officers met Chief Constable Gareth Morgan on 25 August 2017

Report of meeting with Chief Constable Gareth Morgan

One of the things NARPO NEC advise members who are going through the IOD review process to do is request a full, up to date copy of their medical records.
This ensures they can check and contest any inaccurate or incorrect information contained in their file. This entails contacting Staffordshire Police and making a Subject Access Request (SAR).
Subject Access is the process by which you can find out what information Staffordshire Police may hold about you.
Subject Access is a provision under the Data Protection Act 1998, which gives individuals the right of access to personal information held about themselves.

Subject access application forms are also available by contacting the Central Disclosure Unit (Subject Access) on 01785 232195 between 8am-4pm.

The is currently no fee for a subject access request.

Proof of Identity
Staffordshire Police need to be satisfied that the person applying for subject access is who they say they are.
The applicant must provide at least two forms of identification which are sufficient to prove their name, date of birth, current address and signature.
If an applicant lives overseas and wishes their reply to be forwarded directly to a family member in the UK, they must put this in writing giving clear authority.

Submitting Subject Access Application Forms
Applications must be accompanied by the appropriate identification documents; photocopies of the identification documents are acceptable.

Completed Subject Access applications should be sent to:
Central Disclosure Unit (Subject Access)
Staffordshire Police
Staffordshire Police Headquarters
Weston Road
ST18 0YY

Reply Period The Force has a legal obligation to reply to the applicant within 40 days of the receipt of their subject access application.
The Central Disclosure Unit will forward the request to the Occupational Health department where medical records are held.

Staffordshire Police Pensions Board was updated at its meeting on Wednesday, 27 September 2017 on progress of the injury on duty award reviews which commenced in April 2017.

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