Tips on Keeping your computer safe

Several people have contacted NARPO officers with various protection suggestions which have been circulated.

First, you must get some software protection and
keep it updated
keep it switched on.

Keep your Operating System up to date. Windows XP is no longer updated or supported by Microsoft and is now vulnerable to attack. You are advised to bite the bullet and get a newer or different operating system. As at updating, Windows 10 is the current MS option. There are several alternatives to Microsoft's Internet Explorer for browsing the internet: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome are two examples. The choices are yours and this page makes no recommendations.

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Get Safe Online is about raising public awareness, about encouraging individuals to take responsibility for keeping their online lives safe. For more information go to

The internet is a vital part of our economy. Unfortunately, this thriving market place doesn’t escape the notice of those who would seek to exploit it unlawfully. Cyber security is a particular priority for the Government and they have put in place funding for a national programme to help give us a competitive advantage in cyberspace.

Narpo News: November 2010 is delighted to introduce a free new service for members.
A free e-mail service available to members for technical advice on any computer problems.
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For those members who have some confusion about computer terminology:
Here is some help from the BBC:-

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