(1) Most threats to your computer come from e-mails.
To avoid these you MUST set yourself a RIGID discipline when viewing e-mails.
DO NOT rely solely on your software protection (e.g. Spam mail boxes)

(A) ALWAYS delete without viewing any unexpected email that purports to come from a bank, Building Society or other financial institution.
(except your own online account. If you have one of these, you know the ropes, they never ask for your details (they know them).

(B) ALWAYS delete without viewing any email that has funny symbols in the address
e.g. ? utf* |.~ ~ # [ ]or numbers and failed mail emails from Postmasters

(C) ALWAYS delete without viewing any unexpected email that has no subject or is for "info" "Fwd" "re" "your etc"
Always impress on your emails associates that unless the subject makes you aware of the contents you will delete it. Always delete unknown emails. NARPO Branch messages will always have NARPO in the subject field.

(D) Some service providers allow you to tick boxes to delete messages without opening.
if yours does not, then delete WITHOUT CLICKING ON THAT LINK, however tempting it is.

Safe Surfing Contribution from Bob Burden
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