Is your computer running slow, have you seen new things on your desktop?
When you press Ctrl-alt-del, do you find unrecognised programmes?
If so, you may have been infected by spy and or ad-ware when surfing (viewing the websites).
When you visit pages on the internet, your computer receives a "cookie" from the website. In most cases, this cookie is harmless; you get one from this site I didnt put it into your computer, your computer did. Sites are now required by law to warn you if cookies are in use.
This is normal behaviour, cookies allows you to revisit that site quicker the next time. However, some sites (especially sites letting you download free stuff) use their cookies in a different way. These put programmes in your computer that monitor your internet use and send back information about your site visits etc.
These are NOT always detected by your virus detection, as you have allowed them by visiting the site, note, they are not viruses.
These adware and spyware programmes are not a real threat, except, they slow down your computer and internet connections.
However, the solution is easy. there are two ways.
One) Delete your cookies: Right Click Internet Explorer (or your preferred browser system) and on the General tab delete cookies. Gets rid of most of them.
Snag:- you have to retype your web addresses when you revisit.
Two) Get a free program e.g. Spybot, very efficient (If kept up to date) or similiar "Hyjack" that professionals use, or Malwarebytes (see mention below).
You would be surprised whats under the stone sorry Harddrive.
Contributed by Bob Burden

Narpo News November 2010, featured a website which provides free malware protection ( They also offer a paid for version, the choice is yours.

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Updated 6Jun2014