1)Without a doubt the best Anti Virus protection software is Norton Internet Security but it costs money, anything from 32 upwards for a year. It has spin off goodies; pop-up blocking, anti spyware.

2)Try, it's free and it's good (but a game to get through to the free version, they really want you to buy the retail package.

3) It's one of McAfee products, another good one and free.

4)www.spybot; and also a programme named Hacker, very good anti spyware (see surfing)

5)Malicious Software (malware) gets into your computer when you surf the internet, clicking on infected websites or open infected e-mail attachments. Its like going outside and getting infected with a virus from a passer by. You can't always avoid it but just take care with what you are making contact with. Narpo News November 2010 featured a website which provides free malware protection ( They also offer a paid for version, the choice is yours.

6)There are lots of others. You pays your money (or not), and takes your choice.

REMEMBER - it is better to have a BACKUP you dont need
than NEED a backup you dont have

Contributed by Bob Burden Back to Internet Safety

Updated 6Jun2014